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George Heath


The Moorland Poet

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Staffordshire Archives - Details of the George Heath Collection

A Database of Labouring-Class English Poets, 1700-1900

Staffordshire History

North Staffordshire Methodist Heritage
(When I was researching George Heath, this was only website on which he appeared. He is mentioned on the page relating to Gratton Chapel.)

John Clare

British and Irish Authors on the Web

Electronic Texts for Victorianists
(An archive containing Nineteenth-Century materials - rare books and editions of scholarly interest in html and pdf format.)

The Victorian Web

Voice of the Shuttle

Penny’s Poetry Pages

The Poetry Kit

The Poetry Archives

Poetry Archive



My other sites


A list of my other sites. I hope you’ll find time to take a look.

Robert Buchanan


The Empty Grave of Edgar Allan Poe

The Transformationalists

Albert Ayler

What I Got From Poundland



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