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This is by no means a complete collection of Buchananís letters to the Press, these are just the ones Iíve come across so far. Buchanan seems to have had favourite newspapers in which he would express his opinions, and two of these, the Chronicle and the Star, do not have archives online. I do have copies of Buchananís letters to the Daily Chronicle concerning The Wandering Jew and these are available in a separate section attached to the poem. Likewise, several letters concerning ĎThe Fleshly Schoolí controversy are available in that section of the site. Finally I must apologise for the page on Buchananís defence in The Star of Oscar Wilde - one day I hope to do this properly.

In the following pages, the letters from others, news items, editorial comments, etc., are slightly indented in order to ease the identification of the letters of Robert Buchanan (and, in some cases, Harriett Jay).



James Macfarlan - The Athenśum (November, 1862)

David Grayís Monument - The Athenśum (August, 1865)

London Poems - The Athenśum (November, 1866)

Literary Morality - The Spectator (February, 1868)

A Recent Trial By Jury - Glasgow Herald (April, 1868)

Stormbeaten - The Spectator (January, 1870)

The Land of Lorne - The Athenśum (December, 1870)

The Fleshly School of Poetry - The Athenśum (December, 1871)

Walt Whitman - Daily News (March, 1876)

The Shadow of the Sword - The Era (April - May, 1882)

Rumours of Buchananís marriage to Harriett Jay - The Era (April, 1882)

The Martyrdom of Madeline - The Academy (July, 1882)

Lucy Brandon - The Era (November 1882)

Dramatic Criticism (A Sailor and His Lass) - The Era (October - November, 1883)

Revolting Realism (A Sailor and His Lass) - The Standard and Pall Mall Gazette (October, 1883)

Lady Clare - The Era (December, 1883 - January, 1884)

Through The Stage Door - The Standard and The Academy (February, 1884) [Harriett Jay]

Edmund Yates - Pall Mall Gazette (April, 1884)

American Authors and English Criticism - New-York Daily Tribune (September, 1884)

The Exodus Out Of Houndsditch - New-York Daily Tribune (October, 1884)

Constance - New-York Daily Tribune (November, 1884)

The Stage of To-day - New-York Daily Tribune (December, 1884)

Harriett Jayís Legs - The New York Herald and The World (New York) (January, 1885) [Harriett Jay]

Charles Kelly - New-York Daily Tribune (April, 1885)

Alone in London - The Era, The Times and Pall Mall Gazette (October, 1885 - February, 1887)

William Archer (1) - The Era (June - July, 1886)

Sophia - The Standard, The Era and The Stage (October, 1886 - February, 1887)

The Quarterly Review and Edmund Gosse - Pall Mall Gazette (October, 1886)

A Look Round Literature - Pall Mall Gazette (March, 1887)

The Novelty Theatre - The Era (August, 1887)

Mr. Robert Buchanan and his Critics - The Morning Post (October, 1887)

The City of Dream - The Academy (April, 1888)

The Glasgow Ode - The Glasgow Herald (May, 1888)

What is a Tragedy? - The Academy (July, 1888)

Shook and Collier - The Era (March, 1889)

Is Chivalry Still Possible? - The Daily Telegraph (March, 1889)

Henry Vizetelly - Pall Mall Gazette (June, 1889)

Ibsen (1) - Pall Mall Gazette (June, 1889)

George Moore - The Era (November, 1889)

Theodora - Pall Mall Gazette (November, 1889)

William Archer (2) - Pall Mall Gazette (December, 1889 - January 1890)

Robert Browning - The Daily Telegraph (December, 1889)

Is the Marriage Contract Eternal? - The Daily Telegraph (December, 1889)

Are Men Born Free and Equal? - The Daily Telegraph (January - February, 1890)

Marjorie - The Era (January, 1890)

Clarissa - The Daily Telegraph (February, 1890)

What is Sentiment? - The Daily Telegraph (February, 1890)

Theodora (2) - The Daily Telegraph (May, 1890)

Zśo - The Daily Telegraph (May, 1890)

The English Rose - The Era and The Theatre (August - September 1890)

Beneficent Murder - The Daily Telegraph (August, 1890)

Echo Portrait Gallery - The Echo (October 1890)

The Sixth Commandment - The Daily Chronicle and The Observer (extracts printed in the Pall Mall Gazette and The Era) (October - November 1890)

Parnell - The Echo (December 1890)

In Darkest England, T. H. Huxley and the Salvation Army - The Times and Daily Chronicle (December 1890)

Ibsen (2) - Pall Mall Gazette (January, 1891)

Zśo (2) - The Daily Telegraph (March, 1891)

Sir Charles Dilke - St. Jamesís Gazette (March, 1891)

Perfect Manhood and the Way to Attain It - New York Herald (June, 1891)

The Outcast - St. Jamesís Gazette (September, 1891)

W. S. Gilbert on Living Dramatists - The Echo (September, 1891)

The Sentencing of Charles Grande - The Echo (extract) (November, 1891)

The Case of Greenberg v. Buchanan - The Referee (December, 1891)

The Pearl Case - The Echo (December, 1891)

Mr. Heggie - The Daily Telegraph (January, 1892)

The Case of Rayner and Eggleton - Daily News and the Pall Mall Gazette (March, 1892)

How I Write My Plays - The Pall Mall Gazette (September, 1892)

W. E. Forster - The Daily Telegraph (November 1892)

The Wandering Jew Controversy - The Daily Chronicle (January, 1893)

Literature and Lucre - The Daily Chronicle (extracts) (July, 1893)

Dick Sheridan - The Era (August - October, 1893)

Caine and Rossetti - The Daily Chronicle (extract) (October, 1893)

Vizetelly and Zola - The Daily Chronicle and The Daily Telegraph (extracts) (January, 1894)

The Charlatan - Pall Mall Gazette (January, 1894)

Men and Books and Critics - The Daily Chronicle (extract) (January, 1894)

The Moral Effect of the Drama - The Westminster Budget (June, 1894)

Publishers - The Daily Chronicle (extract) (September, 1894)

Rachel Dene - The Daily Chronicle (extract) (October, 1894)

James Read - The Essex County Standard, West Suffolk Gazette and Eastern Countiesí Advertiser (also published in The Daily Chronicle) (November/December, 1894)

The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith - The Daily Chronicle (extract) (March, 1895)

Oscar Wilde - The Star (extracts) (April, 1895)

The New Don Quixote - The Observer (extracts) and Pall Mall Gazette (December, 1895 - January, 1896)

The Romance of the Shopwalker - The Era (January - April 1896)

Jude the Obscure - The Star and The Daily Chronicle (notes) (March, 1896)

Richard Le Gallienne -The Star (extract) (March, 1896)

The Devilís Case - The Spectator (March, 1896)

The Maiden Queen - The Era (May, 1896)

The Wanderer from Venus - The Era (June, 1896)

Clement Scott - Daily Mail (extract) (December, 1897)

The Mariners of England - The Era (April, 1898) [Harriett Jay]

Two Little Maids from School - The Era (November, 1898)

The Zoophilist - The British Medical Journal and The Zoophilist (June - July, 1899)

Bexhill-on-Sea - Bexhill-on-Sea Observer (September, 1899)

Hermann Vezin - The Era (October, 1899)

Harriett Jay - A Correction - The Referee (March, 1908)


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